Unplug, unwind and go back to when living in Herndon was filled with simpler times. Head on down to Frying Pan Farm Park and venture into to the past. Take an opportunity to learn all about farm life in the 1920’s to 1950’s.

First up, park the car and hop aboard a rustic red wagon which meanders around the grounds. During a twenty minute tour, informative hosts tell interested parties all about the workings of the farm. Travel along the route through the woods and into the fields. See plows at work and crops of oat, wheat and corn that are ready for picking. Tickets are $3.50 per person and can be purchased in the gift shop. Private rides are available with advanced reservations.

Journey Back into the Past Near Herndon Homes

Once the wagon returns to the farm families find time to explore. Historic outbuildings shine with purpose and include a smokehouse, corn crib, chicken house, outhouse, livestock and equipment sheds. John Deere enthusiasts eagerly wander about the machine shed where these historic tractors and others are on display. Youngsters living in Herndon love to visit the animals in the barnyard. Everyone’s favorite seems to reside there. Cows moo, chickens cluck, pigs oink and ducks give a quack hello. Other animals include turkeys, peacocks, horses and goats. On most afternoons a milking takes place and guests can jump into farm life and try their hand at this age old task.

Activities fill the calendar bringing folks out to the farm for a visit. Educational workshops and classes teach youth all about farming and animal care. Adults attend informative lectures showcasing topics such as gardening. Moon night gatherings occur during full moons and highlight Native American traditions. There’s also plenty of horsing around to be had in Frying Pan Farm Park. At the equestrian center, indoor and outdoor arenas wait for horse and rider. State of the art horse shows and junior events are often taking place as well. Learn more here.

Frying Pan Farm Park is open seven days a week encouraging spontaneous trips from Herndon home owners. This great place is perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of modernity. Take in a breath of fresh air and appreciate the simplicity of the farm.